domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

fuck it.

- i fully understand that we are destroying ourselves or something, and even if you do not realize it, i realize very well, of course. for you i'm fine, and will still look like that, because i figured it was time for me to not worry about always wanting to look good, like i did before. is not it? ah, what to ask if everything looks beautiful to you. i will not worry if the world could run out in about a minute, or tomorrow, or even if our i & you will disappear like it never existed shortly. good would i bother with all this? excuse me, but honestly i think not. as you yourself just said: “stay the way you want. now this same strange!" obviously i'll be the way i want, my life is :x especially today i have no reason to call the police facts you want me to stay well or not. remember when he said he would stand by my side while no love? since then, love is killing you? that if he ever even existed. lately i'm just calling their pros stresses, their sorrows, their dramas. even if you've noticed that many times for me whatever. sending and today i fail to be strange or not, sending me get well or not, or not worrying about me, saying he loves me or not, i want to fuck it. my stay there with this world, i have only one more day to take my world away from you. enough for today. right!