sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010


- it is normal sometimes we want the world to disappear, right? and even with so much happiness i've been feeling lately, not so well today i :/ is. and my love that i'm sorry. is not his fault. at least 98% of it is not his fault. and the 2% that is his fault is that for certain games even though i know they are just play innocent and without any malice, i do not like. as now i do not like it. i had never spoken that i do not like or do not want the most. but now i want to talk. i think that because i do not have woken up very well today with wrong thoughts, with his head in a world that should not even think. i feel that anytime things are going to collapse on top of my head and the most that i can do is stare. in fact, has something leaving me restless today :~ argh. but what thing? ah, i know there. i can say that my boyfriend is my best friend, and it is. i know i can trust him, and after all, is it that i place every confidence in the world. but today is one of those days that i in my heart i can not get with him and that i missing something, or i woke up thinking about things i know i can hurt you. i feel so deeply wrong with that :\ the weekend arrived, and with him i am. but this way, what fun is? : | it looks as if he is away, or who do not have it. then, for being with him and i know that yes, i know now that he is not with the problem. is me! but, and how to solve? i've thought, rethought. i thought again and again. but so far i do not know what to do, and even if I did i could not solve anything. why try to fix something at this point? will not advance, i know i'm not going to get. he's here beside me, me ta and devoting his full love for me, but i can not really feel it, not now, of course. but because it's happening right now? just when we are so good :( i do not know, i just can not understand. how? i'm not able to understand myself. oh my god :/ constant need of his presence here and pasted in my presence. i know i need more of it now than any time in my life. and that these my bad feelings are gone soon. do not know if will endure for a few more hours.