segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2010

events contrary.

- the bad times are the ones i hate. because at those times i just do not know how you also feel like going away, give back to the other and throw it all away. but, alas, the next? is. then we know that it's even harder. because by taking the wrong decisions, we expect the unexpected consequences have seen around. when i turned and walked back, then you came behind me and said i had achieved, i do not know what you mean by that, but it hurts just to remember and just trying to think what i meant. i know because of my leseiras, we may at any time to stay away from each other once again, i know you do. but somehow, i do not feel like running after, alias, no longer feel like running. i think because i had already gone so much that i do not know, i get tired of doing the same thing or should i get tired of not getting any results so waited for me. | but now you went and left me here alone :/ i understand you, and I know why he did it. but do not leave me alone no, please. i'm afraid to walk without you, hug has to be without, without your kisses without your warmth, without your company. be very afraid. is very very very very very scared. and yet i know i can not stop you from taking any decision. and if you want to go, go. i leave! first not tell it not to go. | remember when you looked at me these days and said: "as i love you, i will not leave you."? yep. so i say unto thee, "as i love you, i'll let you do what you do well." just do not forget that wherever you go, where you are, no matter anything, i'll be here as always have been. each day, my fear of being without you just increase, and that you or anyone can change. i'm sorry :\ same excuse? please? do not forget the promise of our finger, our me & you or anything and we promise to fulfill together, okay? who am I to ask. myself. remember me? i just feel angry at myself when i want to die like this, because it's my fault. the guilt of seeing you like that, the guilt of wanting to die, the guilt of wanting to leave this place, the guilt of having rabies, to make you angry, the guilt i inevitably make constant nonsense. and blame myself even more for more power today not to apologize, because you'll be quiet, or will tell me to let go. but that does not cause me relief, on the contrary, it only makes me worse. only causes me intense will to set you free so that more can not feel that way. when i see this bad, angry, sad, confused, i just feel worse. is no longer funny or weird, a lot less incredible, and it is stupid, i also do not know, but i can not avoid the power i feel the same emotions that you. and even angry, i needed you were here. i want you here to stay even if it was watching me, expecting me to say something as i just want to stay silent watching you, your face, your look :~ comes love, come here. sit here by my side. let me touch your hair, let me provide shelter, leave me i try to protect you from whatever it is. i can mash banana for you, i can make popcorn and soda can take you, i lay by your side to watch a TV show either, i can tell you more how much i love you. and as i pass these minutes without you here, you could open a hole in some part of my body that could leave all my blood, my heart to stop beating fast and i could no more miss for even a minutes of my life. and oh, sorry.