terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

crystal ball.

- sometimes i wish i had a crystal ball :o is. a crystal ball. but not a ball to see my future and the people who are around me, but to try to know what goes through the minds of some people. one day is ridiculous to charge a person thing, and another day is the same :/ do not know why, but today i have a bad feeling about anything that is :~ to tired, stressed, sad. what is there? i feel that nothing will go very well these days. hey, and why? why, God? why? what happens to it? ah, so many questions, i know that nobody, absolutely nobody will have an answer either, not even himself: x | i'm here, listening, he feels angry when i do not believe it :\ what can i do now? not everything goes in my throat, not everything is easy, not everything is simple. i'm not even the same boyfriend before, and do not want to be. awfully tired of mislabeling a sucker. but you know, one way or another, the weather was bad we went, and what's to come, i do not care. want is to stay on his side, and do everything so that nothing goes wrong, nothing. as much as sometimes i seem like an idiot for ruining our good times with so much doubt of things :\ | i do not know why, but i'm not looking well, for today, you know? for i have seen strange that way. nhá :~ even know what to do. i wanted to call again to say that i love. but what for? going to help anything? and if he let me just talking about? :| i'll wait to give some time, then i care. the same is all my fault :( i need strength, stamina, strength, stamina, strength, power and more strength to believe that nothing will go wrong again. cost me what it takes, right? (yn) and even though some time i encounter the discovery that it is not worth a damn shame, do not care, i'm not there, i want the world to explode, we marry, we are even more happy that we stop caring for the flock motherfuckers that exists around us, and to keep fighting for our self & you are forever. | bagless, with pain, dying, and need a crystal ball. :/