segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

blow. forget.

- wish i could give a blow that everything bad that ever happened to us today, because there i would not hurt to remind me more of it all: / it is still impossible to deny and hide what i feel such happiness. today we are together, and this is not what matters? is, yes, even though i still bothering with stupid things just by the way hinder us. | not quite understand what. seem to start from zero, and that zero is the world's best .-. i'm happy for every second that this happening while we are together. and even though it may end at any moment, i'm still happy because i know it worth it to us. i hope the fact that this is our turn to be happy forever, because that's what i want and why not take it anymore stay away from him. i'm really loving everything they're doing, his words, his gestures, the jokes, the smiles, hugs, apologies, admits that the hours with me and try to face your fears, your jealous , its high-control, your will see us well and above all, love that feeling tells me. | today i discovered that a certain person is going on, and i was more happy to hear that because it's good right? good, not great. Funny also realize that men can easily overcome easily what they say will unforgettable. haha. make me laugh. but okay, it is important that everyone is happy and that everyone is moving forward. | i love my gorgeous boyfriend, and i hope from the bottom of my heart that he already knows it so much i *--* (: sleeeeeep.