terça-feira, 17 de agosto de 2010

we are well and will here.

we are well and will be.

- ah, i do not know what happened today :/ the day started so well, we were so good, in fact, we are so well thank god. | i spent the afternoon very badly, and it messed up :s i was sensitive news. and so, i'm down, unwilling to nothing, and strange :~ do not want to talk to anyone but Eduardo. at least he. or ... no! it is enough. is he with whom i speak, not to mention that i'm fine, explain how much i need him by my side. everything's so weird that even i do not know what to write :o the patient i \: i'm speechless, feeling nothing. or not. yet to feel those sensations of yesterday, because it was beautiful. our every moment is lived with great intensity, is good. very good. | i hope to improve. i'm not real good, and must be, because if i'm not well, we'll be out two not :| and i want us to be so. but now i wanted to go away: s is away! i think i'll do that. just now. nobody will miss me. will be good, i guess. goodbye, love.