segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010


you. not in some way, or of all forms i must have words to describe. but i almost never really have words to describe him. but today I think i need. sometimes i do not really believe in some things that happen to us, it's all so beautiful. every day is an overshoot for both of us, right? i thought it would not have anything more to discover about yourself and your life, you also thought the same. but we know that living so close together in the same world, so tight, so loving all, we found even more about fads on the body on the day-to-day. and look before i would feel scared just to think you know so well, but not today, i feel extremely good about it. because i know that no matter what happens, not matter how many thousands of people go in our lives, certainly never, ever be able to live something. and God willing, will not need to try to live the same thing that we now live together with someone else. i've tried, you have tried a lot, but we were unsuccessful in any attempt. today we know that we dont need any more try. we have enough love that one needs the other. you are my love and this love is too much, much stronger even than me. you are you, you have lots of problems, i fight to change one by one, but those are defects that can not live without. thing already overcome with great difficulty, much pain, much suffering and much regret. but now we know how to make sure nothing goes wrong, is it not? i love you very very much, my great and eternal companion loving acts.